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The Belly Off! Workouts is entirely devoted to helping you lose your gut for good—and live a longer and healthier life.

After all, University of Alabama-Birmingham researchers found that the biggest single predictor of a future heart attack is the amount of fat a man has around his belly.

But with The Belly Off! Workouts it’ll be you who’s on the attack—the attack against unwanted belly fat. Here’s how this cutting-edge book can help YOU:

Start your day off right with the new Belly Off! 2-Minute Drills.

In just 120 seconds, the time it takes you to brush your teeth, you’ll complete seven easy heart-rate-boosting exercises that will get your metabolism cranking as soon as you leave your bed.

Speed your weight loss with The Belly Off! 6-Week Detox!

We’ll show you meals and snacks that can speed your results without leaving you feeling deprived. It’s all about delicious food that will fill you up without filling you out!

Shrink at least an inch from your waist with The Belly Off! Walking Program!

Twenty minutes a day of brisk walking can help you reduce your waist size by at least an inch in 4 weeks, according to a review of 40 studies by the National Institutes of Health. With The Belly Off! Workouts you can start with either a beginner or intermediate plan and start walking off the pounds immediately!

Fuel your workouts and never feel hungry with the new Belly Off! Recipes!

Enjoy great-tasting, flab-fighting meals that will resuscitate your taste buds when you tire of chicken breasts and protein shakes.

Boost your metabolism with innovative exercise routines designed to shed dangerous belly fat fast!

Plus, there’s even a special workout custom made for complete beginners.

Rebound: Fell off the fitness wagon?

Life happens! The Belly Off! Workouts will boost you back up! The Density Training Workout will help you rebound in 30 days!

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